Franci Scapes LLC, founded in 2000, is a full service landscape company. We are currently caring for properties with services ranging from mowing and lawn care to landscape and design.

We are committed to offering a superior service at a competitive price. To accomplish the best, we use the most effective and efficient methods and equipment.

We employ highly trained professionals to satisfy your lawn and landscape needs. Our lawn & landscape foremen are professionals who have many years of experience in the landscape industry.

More important than our knowledge or experience is the fact that our employees will treat your lawn or landscape with care and professionalism as if it were their own.

Our daily goal is to fulfill the needs of the customer by providing timely, quality services and products.

The ultimate objective at Franci Scapes LLC is to meet the needs of our customers and employees, while promoting professionalism in the landscape industry.

Family owned and operated

Our company’s philosophy is based on quality service and environmental enhancement. Our team of professionals are dedicated to provide the highest quality and service.


Safe, Reliable Equipment Maintained Daily


Timely Response Guarantee


Professional, Uniformed Personnel



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